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Biggleswade Town Youth FC
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Welcome To Biggleswade Town Youth

We are a volunteer, not-for-profit junior football club, proud to be associated with Biggleswade Town, training and playing at their headquarters

Club News
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Biggleswade Town Youth AGM

(Neil Spencer 16/07/2014)
The Biggleswade Town Youth AGM will be held on Monday 21st July (7pm, Biggleswade Town FC).

Please do come along and find out how things will be running next season. The agenda is below.

1. Welcome and apologies
2. Minutes and matters arising from last AGM
3. Chairperson's report
4. Secretary’s report
5. Treasurer's report
6. Season 2014/15
6.1. Committee for 2014/15
6.2. Constitution for 2014/15
6.3. Teams operating in 2014/15
6.4. Continued adoption of FA Policies and Practices for 2014/15
6.4.1. Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures
6.4.2. Equality Policy
6.4.3. Anti-Bullying Policy
6.4.4. Respect Code of Conduct for Young Players
6.4.5. Respect Code of Conduct for Spectators and Parents/Carers
6.4.6. Respect Code of Conduct for Coaches, Team Managers and Club Officials
6.4.7. Goalpost Safety Guidelines
7. Any other business